To Do Lists

Had I thought about it when I was younger, I would have thought that as I got older my to do lists would get shorter. That is a huge laugh. My life is more complicated than ever before and my lists are longer and more labor intensive all the time. I find that I have my own to do list. Then I have my husband’s to do list, which requires me to have a list of what I need to remind him to do. Then I have my son’s to do list, which requires me to have a list of what I need to remind him to do and a list of what I need to remind my husband to remind my son to do! I have a list for work related items, a list for home related items, a list for holiday related items, a list of phone calls I have been meaning to make for the last five years, a list of notes I should have sent and a shopping list which always includes at least ten of the same items. Eggs, bread, milk, gallons of juice, half and half, coffee, things for sandwiches, gatorade, chocolate syrup and kashi bars. This should tell you something about most weekday eating. I even make list of what we are going to eat for the week in the vain hope that someone else will make it. Otherwise, it just means I only have to think about it once, to make the list, and not every day. My husband occasionally offers to do the shopping in an effort to alleviate my burden, making him a list, however, takes longer than the shopping since he is not aware of the recurring items, their brands or sizes. So the whole to do list thing has become somewhat humorous, in my view, because the list takes, generally, as much effort as just doing the things as they occur to you. Of course as I age I have the advantage as I forget the items regularly and if I have no list, I will have less to do as the tasks will occur to me with less and less frequency! So perhaps today I will do away with my to do lists (or perhaps not?)
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Author: Trienah Meyers

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