Consistency Counts?

Wow. I get all kinds of crap on line about how to make more money, how to improve your lifestyle, your self esteem, your image, your bank account. Most of it is visibly crap; it is all about how to get something for almost nothing (the almost is always what you have to pay for the larger version of the advice!). We live in this amazing culture where people actually believe that you can become a millionaire doing no work. This is astonishing. When did we become so gullible? When did we decide as a culture that we were entitled to something for nothing? Hard to say, but I don’t know of any real millionaires (other than lottery winners) who got that way without a whole bunch of hard work, and some smarts, and some luck. So as I was reading one of the many newsletters I get from successful people (at least so they say) I read an interesting idea. It was that what counts more than anything is consistency; reliability and constancy. That if you continually show up, suit up and do what you say, you will succeed. Perhaps great success takes more, being willing to take risks and do more than the next guy, but you will succeed by some reasonable measure. If you want to write, write…every day. If you want to lose weight, eat less…every day. Show up for work, volunteer, keep your word…every day. So for this new year, I think this is a worthy goal. I will not resolve to lose weight, get in shape, be more organized, all the usual. This new year I resolve to be more consistent; let’s see where it leads.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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