Women’s Work

So, all two of you who read this regularly will see that I have changed the template! I cheated, it is offered as a stock template by this blog site. But all that pink was really getting on my nerves. Just because something is primarily intended for women (not exclusively mind you) doesn’t mean it should be pink. So I think I will try this one for a few minutes and see what I think. Today was the day that decided me to lose the pink. I am mostly over the issue of people treating me in certain ways because I am a woman. When I became a lawyer I wasn’t allowed to wear pants in the courtroom, doesn’t that make a lot of other things seem minor? I had a judge yell at me “girl, go make some copies”, the slights of the current marketplace pale by comparison. But, some days, it just gets to you. First, I am dealing with a company by phone and of course they assume I am a secretary. So no big. But tonight I attend a board meeting for an organization; I sit on the board. There are two women in attendance. One takes notes, one notices that nobody has put the food away; nobody else cares about either thing. Some days it is just annoying. But today I can wear whatever I want and I only make copies for myself.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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