Sarah Palin is the Devil

Why is it nobody can see this? I am confused by this. Well, maybe not the devil, but she is one scary broad. I was listening to an interview with someone who had decided to vote for her, but not McCain apparently, because of her positions and views and her insightful comments?????? McCain, we all know is older, and has some health issues, so this 39(?) year old woman is positioned a heartbeat (as they say) away from the presidency and she doesn’t know what NATO is??? My high school student knows, at least the purpose of it. So, she is finally interviewed sort of seriously and not only doesn’t know the prime doctrine of the republican sitting president but seems not to actually know the platform and positions of her own presidential candidate. (She isn’t running alone?) It is not that I disagree with her “positions”, I do; it is not that I dislike her lifestyle (insofar as it includes guns, etc.), I do; it is that she is ignorant and appears to be uneducated (at least undereducated) and has less experience at anything than a marshmallow. For some reason, some of the so-called “liberal” press finds humor in this, Saturday Night Life does a skit in which Tina Fey so accurately portrays her that it is scary. Everybody laughs. but it isn’t funny; the very fact that she is the centerpiece of SNL means that she is the news cycle, not the issues, not Obama. This is a woman who believes that we should not only oppose abortion, not only pass laws to prevent abortion, but that we should actually amend the Constitution of the United States (a document I hold particularly dear) to permanently deprive women of the right to choose. This, by the way, is one of the only concrete positions I have been able to adequately identify and ascribe to her other than the right to own guns, shoot moose and drill for oil indiscriminately. This was to be the election the Democrats couldn’t lose? How could they be doing it so handily?

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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