Don’t Buy Bottled Water

So now everyone is beginning to be aware of the huge plastic bag problem on this planet, and in this country in particular. And there has been a little talk on esoteric “green” web sites about plastic bottles. When green was becoming the fad and fashion of the moment, the networks even talked about the bottle problem. So some of us rushed out and bought these great indestructible reusable water bottles – Nalgene. Now, these bottles are poison! Good Grief. Trying to do the right thing becomes more difficult every single day. And we still buy bottled water in immense quantities, throwing away a ridiculous amount of plastic just to have a drink of purified, pristine water. What happened to having a drink of regular old water, from the tap or at least from the fridge door? I must say though, that the bag thing is getting better. Our “upscale” grocery has seen folks with their own bags for some time; and they sell the little square indestructible bags made of I don’t know what. But on my trips to Walmart, those behind me in line always look at me as if I were there to personally torture them when I take out my bags and pack my own groceries. It really never takes longer, or not much, than using the million and one badly packed plastic bags the store personnel would pack for me; but you would think I was preventing the fire department from getting to their homes. On my bi-weekly trip recently, however, I spotted two other people with their own bags. I was stunned, I was astounded, I was amazed. Little by little we might be getting the message. Now if I could just find a water bottle that fits in my purse and that won’t leach poisonous plastic into my body.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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