Happy “Holidays”

When I wear my menorah pin, which I do a lot during this season, people don’t know what to say to me. Some don’t know what it is so they just say Merry Christmas, which is fine with me. I am perfectly happy to have a Merry 25th of December although I am not spiritually moved by it. Others have no idea what to say and think I will melt or file suit if they say Merry Christmas so they stutter and move on. This is ridiculous but more damaging to them than me. Some say Happy Chanukah (sp?) and that is fine too since it is what I celebrate and it is always nice to be accurately recognized occasionally. The politically correct say Happy Holidays. There is something good about this and something not so good. The good is that having a happy holiday of any kind is a good and wonderful thing, so it can’t be a bad thing to say. It is kind, carries good intention and good feelings and is meant to bestow the good wishes of the speaker to the listener. But the not so good is that it is wishy-washy, ambivalent, non-committal. I just don’t know how I feel about this. Better, I think to have the courage of your convictions even you sometimes get it wrong. Someone might correct you and you might learn something. I think Season’s Greetings is marginally better because in some way it acknowledges that many of the ideals of the season are shared by various cultures and religions. It is a season of kindness, charity, freedom, not just a holiday. I know that seems a peculiar distinction but it is how I feel. So to all I care for and anyone else who might read this (my few, very few, loyal fans) my best greetings of this season to you, may you be moved and inspired by whatever it is you celebrate.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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