In Threes?

All my life people have said that bad news comes in threes. Well we have had a bagful of bad “luck” this year so I don’t count any more. But in the last couple of weeks, just prior to having the only real party we have each year, my large stove burner went blooey and the part, of course, remains back ordered. So we made do, cooking brisket on an induction burner on the counter and latkes on the gas burner on our barbecue grill. Ah Jewish cuisine in the balmy south; at least it wasn’t snowing. Then, while full of wet sheets and towels and, of course, my things, the washer quit. So we called the applicance doc who came out, told us nothing, fixed nothing and took our check for $69. He was to call us back to let us know the price of fixing it. four days later, still waiting, we called the applicance store. They informed us that the parts would be $400 without labor to fix. So a good friend says, I have an investment house that has been sitting empty for four years, there is a washer there, take that one. Of course we have no idea if this one works but its worth a try. So my husband borrows a truck and schleps this unknown washer to the house. We hook it up and it washes but no rinse, no spin! Meanwhile now my old washer full of wet clothes is out in the garage. Now we are about two weeks behind in the laundry and not only is it piling up but we are running out of socks and underwear. Another friend has an empty house they have been moving out of for some time; but it has a washer dryer. So I spend about 5 hours today running laundry. I figure I will just dry things til the next load is ready to come out of the washer and take them home damp and dry them there. So I return home with two enormous vats of damp laundry. I put a load in the dryer: no heat. It worked fine until the washer died, now it has apparently had an empathetic breakdown. So off to the scratch and dent or the used appliance dealer I shall go, to find another unreliable set. Anyway, that is three for this week; just starting off the year with a bang. Maybe now we can have a nice long three somethings of peace before the next bad three happens.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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