Old Fashioned Work Ethic

The idea that a workplace is a workplace seems oddly old fashioned. Folks seem to crave an artificial family, emotional support. We all seek allies, that is sensible, time-honored and appropriate to a degree. But trying to find an emotional life at work is ridiculous. Because the person you want to bond with may be the person who has to write you up or fire you. Nobody seems to get it that when you go to work you leave your personal shit at the door, suit up, pate on a smile and do your best. I listen to people talking about their personal problems all day long at work when they are supposed to be working. It is downright tiring. In the same category, I am pretty well sick to death of listening to people complain about their jobs. I don’t love my job some days, but I am pretty darn grateful to have it. Especially in these times when there are literally millions out of work. I am constantly tempted to say “if you don’t like it, find another one”. But I don’t. I am even more astounded that managers permit people to spew negativity and then wonder why they aren’t productive. It is interesting that my emotionally sensitive son (and yes, he really is) has always had a problem with the emotional ups and downs of life. When things are difficult, he tends to just tank in his school work or other commitments. We talked about this recently, about the idea that you sometimes just have to keep going, despite life handing you lemons. You don’t have to make lemonade but you have to stay on track. This is just one of those lessons you just have to learn, at least I think so. Obviously a lot of folks don’t learn it since they seem to think that their employment is a god given right and not a gift. Old fashioned I guess.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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