Dog Food For Breakfast

So I was half watching television the other night and a commercial caught my eye. I know I hadn’t seen it before because I would have remembered it. It was an advertisement for dog food. This advertisement brought to my mind the discussions I have had throughout my life as a pet owner; conversations that I think all kids in particular have. Can dogs see in the dark? Do cats know their names? Do horses have tastebuds? There is a word for attributing human characteristics to animals. It is anthropomorphizing (I think I got that right). I remember when I learned that word, I just loved it. How great that there is this wonderful big word for what children (and adults) do with their pets all the time. We think our pets are glad to see us when they probably are just hungry. We talk to our pets. I often think, while I am talking to my cats, “what must they be thinking about this crazy human babbling on.” The implicit assumption is that I believe they understand English; interesting. We wonder what is in the mind of a dog, probably nothing but eating, sleeping and so forth. And eating brings me back on subject. The ad was for dog food flavored and named as eggs and bacon, and various other breakfast foods. They were actually referring to them as “breakfasts”. Do we really think a dog knows eggs and bacon are for breakfast, do we really think the dog cares? Dog food for breakfast anyone?

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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