What on Earth is Wrong With Us? Liqui-gels?

Apparently I am still on an advertising rant. Some strange things just stick in my head. As usual I am reading e-mail, or writing this blog thing, or reading Facebook and a tv ad catches my attention. First I should say that all those “silent” ads, the ones where you never hear the name of the product or a human voice, are in my opinion the stupidest marketing idea ever. They may be really cute and artsy and attractive to look at but since most of us multitask through the commercial, they are not very effective as advertising. If you watch the commercial you might say, oh how clever. But if you are looking at your Facebook while you watch tv, that commercial is a million bucks right down the drain. The purpose of advertising is to sell stuff, not to make art. That being said, there is also a level of stupidity that is stunning but I’m not sure if it says more about the advertiser or the viewer. So back to the ad. It is a Claritin ad. I am a Claritin user, so I maybe pay a bit more attention than I otherwise might. The whole ad is about the “new” Claritin in liqui-gel form. First, liqui-gel is not a word. We all know what it means from watching tv ads and taking those squishy little capsules. Second I listen carefully, for some mysterious reason, and I can find no substantive claim. There is no claim made that taking this medicine in squishy form works better, faster, more thoroughly or anything else. We are supposed to buy it because squishy is better. We don’t know why or how but its “NEW!” and therefore better; probably more expensive too. I can only imagine how many people register the “new” “improved” and go out and spend the money. It astonishes me that you can create an ad that is presumably effective in getting people to go out and purchase something with no evidence or claim as to why or how its better. Its just squishy.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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