Is there any hope at all?

So yet another advertising rant; I think my last for a while it must be time to move on. But I could not let this pass. So it was another dog thing, there seems to be a lot of dog stupidity going on in advertising at the moment. Yet another ad desultorily caught my eye, as usual while I was doing something else at the same time. It was stupider than breakfast for dogs, by a mile, but different. It was for a movie. I have to assume that this was a movie that never made it to theatres. I am hoping against hope that it really never made it to anywhere. The movie was called the Hollywood Chihuahua. The ad featured the usual silly looking little chihuahua but this one had large pink sunglasses and other accessories. That in itself is ridiculous enough, but this stupid looking dog also speaks. More insane it speaks some faux hollywood drivel/cant. I can’t remember what the dog says but it caused me to actually look up and think, oh my god, this is what we present to the world. So we have this new president, full of change ideas, masterful strokes, new ideas and hopeful solutions. This is a great thing that the world sees and begins to view us differently. At least other nations can hold some hope that there is a new level of intelligence, maybe, at the highest level of American government. And what happens, I ask you, if the ambassador of some allied nation catches this ad for the Hollywood Chihuahua? Or any random citizen of a nation whose respect we hope to earn? All hope must be lost that there is any intelligence at all in the American landscape.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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