Things I Want My Son To Know #6 ~ Fix What You Can

Duct tape, WD40 and Birth Control.

Ok. So some things really touch your heart, some things are just seriously important and some things just have to be passed on. I am about to pass on the advice my dad gave me when I left for college at a too young age. So this is in the last category, but it is also just plain funny. I was leaving home at 16 and, unlike you, glad to be doing it. I had an adventurous spirit, something I hope you will grow a bit more of. Understand, for the purposes of putting this advice in context, that your grandfather had not lived with us since I was roughly six. And he was a bohemian, creative, brilliant artistic type. He was not your usual dad, just as he’s not your usual grandfather. The thing about your grandfather is that he not only knows how to fix most anything, he deeply believes that anything can be fixed. Sometimes he would like to fix things not worth fixing and while I believe we have become too quick to dispose of things, I also know there is a time to dispose; but that’s a different discussion. So there I was getting ready for college at sixteen and my father’s advice for going into the world was that you must have three things, and with those three things you could fix anything that needed fixing. The three things were duct tape, WD 40 and birth control. There are many jokes to be made here, all of which I have heard from friends with whom I shared this story, none of which bear repeating. While this is funny, there is something important to think about in it. These three things represent problem solving, having the right tool for the job, holding things together, making things work smoothly, being in control of and responsible for your actions, fixing things that need fixing and general self-reliance. These are all values that I wish you to hold dear. Not the least of which is that some advice, however goofy it may seem at the time its offered, just sticks with you.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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