Things Ruben Wants You To Know #2 ~ Give Something Back

I have done volunteer work all my life, and found it most rewarding. It seems worth it to pass this along; it is something you should know.

There are myriads of opportunities for volunteering: food pantries, The Salvation Army, visiting and perhaps playing games with lonesome residents of nursing homes – to name but a few. The Temple serves meals to the homeless; the shelter always needs help (the day is Wednesday by the way). You could just volunteer to serve at table when any charitable organization puts out meals for the hungry. If you learn some basic carpentry, you could volunteer with “Habitat For Humanity”. Once you obtain a degree, you could volunteer for the Peace Corps or Americorps. There’s Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Little League; there is reading is fundamental, there is tutoring kids who are behind and can’t afford help; there are victims of natural disasters and there are victims of poverty. You could continue your project of colleccting blankets for the homeless every year; you could collect shoes, or backpacks, or school supplies for children who don’t have enough.

Volunteering is very rewarding in the satisfaction you derive from helping others less fortunate than you are. You know that no matter how much you may wish to have, you have been very fortunate and should be very grateful. volunteering gives you tremendous opportunities for gratitude.

The opportunities are endless – the satisfaction is boundless.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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