Practical Advice For My Son #8 ~ Get Organized

Like your mother and grandmother, you are a paper holder. Unlike them you strew them everywhere and can find nothing. Piles of paper ore not much use if you don’t know what’s in the piles.

Amazing in this age of technology that you only use it for amusement and not to organize your life. The tools that are available to you are amazing. You have the ability to file your important e-mails in marked electronic folders. you can share your pictures by uploading them to some “ether” site where others can see them too. You can text message, you can call, you can e-mail. You can, if you wish, be connected all the time in many ways. You can file information in an electronic file cabinet, with tabs, so you can find your information or your ideas at the snap, of click, of a finger. You can use your phone to play music, wake you up in the morning, take pictures and video, remind you of dates you need to remember, just to name a few.

Since I first wrote this, you have adapted more to the “electronic life” and the technology has changed and improved significantly.  All that is good, but I am not sure that you are still using it to be truly organized.  You have an electronic calendar that you don’t look at much, you have contacts you lose all the time, and I am not sure how your school work is organized.

What you really don’t know yet is that being organized can make your life more peaceful, more pleasant and generally less stressful. Having a place for things, knowing where they are when you need them, will mean you will spend less time hunting for things and less time cussing the universe for stealing your screwdriver.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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