Practical Advice For My Son #9 ~ Always Buy 2 Ply Toilet Tissue

You don’t know how to shop. You don’t know what things cost. I have a lifetime of shopping trips, every other week for 25 years and more before that. How do I explain how to shop?  You have learned how to buy things on line, but not how to buy things on sale!  Always compare prices, coupons, whatever.

Some things need to be touched, felt.  Clothing needs to be tried on unless you already know it is a brand and size you can wear.  Unless you know about fabrics, go to a store (if you can find one) and feel them and read the tags.

Some things that are cheaper are NOT better.  You have to weigh value versus price sometimes.  In some things you really do get what you pay for.  Good quality shoes and clothing last a much longer time.   But you don’t have to pay full price for them.  Cheap sheets won’t last in the washer and cheap towels won’t absorb enough water after a shower.  But you don’t have to pay full price for them.

Most grocery stores have the same items but some are cheaper then others.  Don’t think that discount means bad.  Almost all groceries have organic produce these days, if that is what you want, and you don’t have to pay health food store prices for it.  Remember the thin skinned items get more pesticide so go organic.

And for pete’s sake never buy cheap toilet paper; always buy 2-ply.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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