Casual Chili and More Single Man Laughs

So tonight was casual chili night with besties.  The chili has long been a favorite of my husband and son and, don’t laugh, began life as a recipe on a can of tomatoes over 20 years ago.  Of course it has morphed quite bit but it is made with black beans and corn among other things.

Tonight it was accompanied by red cabbage and green apple slaw and a savory cast iron skillet corn bread and finished off with simple watermelon; gotta love summer.  Of course my husband prefers a sweet cornbread but it seemed wrong with a chili.

And much to our delight, the saga of the single man blues continues with yet another marvelous encounter.  He was in the elevator of his complex comingup from the basement with yet another woman he had never met before.  She said “3 please” and as he complied she watched with curiousity to see what floor he might press for himself.  He pressed the button for the top floor in the building.  With a sly grin and a not so innocent demeanor and tone she said “so…you like it on top?”

All I can think is, who says that to a stranger?

The remnants of the cornbread
The remnants of the cornbread
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