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My son, somewhere around the age of ten, went through a phase of “naming” people after the fashion of hip hoppers.  This included random strangers and usually the names were pretty imaginative.  My personal favorite, although somewhat mortifying at the time, was as follows.  We were riding down the street in my car when my son spied a very large man walking down the street.  Without warning he whipped down the rear window, stuck out his head and yelled “YO, butter biscuit”.  Fortunately I don’t recall that the random stranger at whom this was aimed realized that it was directed at him.

It has always been my way to cook from scratch and when the above son was small, many things were homey things kids like; what you might call comfort food.  I often made things like applesauce, spaghetti sauce and chili with biscuits.  I recall when my son was presented with yellow jar applesauce at preschool and asked with astonishment what it was; it was the wrong color (cinnamon, you know)!

I don’t often make what I consider “comfort foods” nowadays as they aren’t all that healthy generally (I still make the chili, it is healthy).  But when my husband decided to work at his barbecue/smoking skills I thought about what should go with it.  As a result I stumbled on a fabulous recipe for Mac and cheese with mega cheese in it.  It was so good it was requested by a returning guest for another dinner.  And as you can see, I had to make double so my son could have it for breakfast and the guests could take some home.

So, I know you were wondering how the “naming” relates.  First, it was good to find my comfort food skills still intact and second, it was great to live up to the name my son gave me years ago…. Home Skillet.image




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