Fried Green What?


I have to say this right up front, I grew up in New York City.  And not just in any old part of the city (New Yorkers will know what I mean) I am a rare bird, born and raised in Manhattan.  I have lived all over the country, learning, adopting and incorporating various items of regional cuisine into my culinary repertoire.

But now….. I live in the South and oh boy is there a lot to learn.  The unfortunate truth is that a great deal of Southern cuisine is yummy but really fattening, not to mention artery clogging. Folks in the South win the frying contest hands down.  This is close to an art form in the South, just ask any two families who makes the best fried chicken.  Not only will an argument ensue but the discussion will also diverge into the mandatory accoutrements.  There are as many mac and cheese recipes as there are people, and yes I can tell you where to find fried mac and cheese (dang that’s good).  Mustard or not in potato salad? Boiled dressing or mayonnaise in coleslaw? Red velvet or pecan pie.  But I digress.

[tweetshare tweet=”I thought fried green tomatoes was the name of a movie, what did I know.  It is an iconic Southern food.  Most produce markets here sell green tomatoes, especially  when tomatoes are local.  At first I was confused, why sell us unripe tomatoes where ripe ones are available?” username=”@trienahm”] Nevertheless, I bought some, and tried my hand, seeking out what seemed the most appropriate recipe. I don’t know that they were necessarily all that authentic, but they looked good, sort of, and they all got eaten.  And I have had requests for more.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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