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Every day my fat kitty gets up on the bathroom counter and he insists on a drink from the faucet. His method of determining if the water is running sufficiently is to place his entire head under the  running water. When he is dripping it is time to drink. More interesting, he frequently sits up there after his drink and gazes into the mirror. So random thought for the day, what does he think it is? Does he think there is another cat there who never comes out to eat or play? Does he think it is a picture of himself? Does he not see it at all and is just staring into space? Silly questions all but I would like to know.

Whenever I get on an airplane and take my seat, I buckle up. If I am on the aisle, I wait until everyone is seated. I grab my book and whatever I need and settle in. And whoever is sitting next to me, man or woman, thin or fat, always feels free to place some part of themselves in my space. Is it because I am a relatively small woman? Is it because I am polite and don’t shove them back? Or does everyone just feel entitled to do whatever they want?

We all stand in line for lots of things. Despite the ubiquitous and broad reach of Amazon. But we still do stand in lines and crowds. Now in a true crowd I understand what I am about to describe, but just standing in line not so much. So I wonder, when I am standing in line, why I can feel the breath of the person behind me on the back of my neck. What happened to personal space? I want to turn around and tell people to back off, but something about my upbringing creates a barrier keeping me from doing it. If you are breathing on my neck you had better be someone I hope will kiss it next.

When I walk, which I do as much as I can, I find myself dodging other pedestrians much more than I used to, often practically tripping over those who won’t or don’t pay attention. And there is a perfectly obvious explanation- everyone is looking down, not up. Everyone is focused on the little screens in their hands. In places I am not familiar with, I sometimes get directions on my phone, but I still try to hold it up and look around me. I have also been practicing looking people in the eye when I pass them on the street or in some random place. If I am lucky enough to catch someone’s eye, they always seem taken aback to be looked at forthrightly, as if it is some very unfamiliar, almost alien, act.

Apparently I have digressed from cats’ reflections on their reflection to the general lack of civility in the world. It’s a stretch but I did title it random thoughts. And the world indeed is full of incivility. Perhaps we should take a moment, and reflect on how our behavior reflects on others. I know after writing this, I will.

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Author: Trienah Meyers

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