Solo ~ Just Means Singing Alone

In the last few years I have done a lot of traveling alone. Now when it is during the week and I have a briefcase, people just look at me as another business traveler. And since I don’t really go anywhere interesting, I generally sit at a table with a book to eat my dinner.  When I travel for myself, everything is different.

First, no briefcase. Second, dressed as my true self – generally funkier than my 50 or so year work armor. Yes, I said armor, I have worn suits, or at least dress pants and tops for most of my adult life.  Except when I first began and judges did not allow female attorneys to wear pants in court. As I spent more and more time in and out of jails, with clients, it became necessary to be sure my armor was pants in case of a lockdown. I also thought of professional garb, and heels, as armor as I chose to be a gladiator in a man’s world.  Figure it out.

Anyway third, I don’t need receipts. Fourth, I sit at the bar.  Dressing as myself and sitting at the bar are ways of making myself more open to opportunities, to life.  They are ways of becoming more vulnerable.  But what is funny about all this is that people are always astounded that I, a woman of a certain age, silver hair and all, am traveling alone.

I am currently on my second weekend trip the impetus for which was simply an art exhibition I wanted to see. The first to Oklahoma City where I had a most splendid adventure and now to Asheville where I will do the same. Why are people surprised? I have no idea but I have fun with it and people often buy me coffee or dessert or whatever in their amazement of my solo-ness. Strange.

It gives me great pleasure to just do the things that please me, art, music, food.  Today I surprised a busker by singing harmony to his not so talented melody as I went by.  Today I had a long talk with a homeless man about feet on a bench on a quaint street.  Today I had latte and a warm fresh croissant in a lovely bakery in mid morning with my book.  Today I visited a wonderful bookstore and my favorite chocolate shop. Tonight I will go hear bluegrass for dinner.  What a wonderful day.  Would it be nice to share it with a like minded partner, sure. But solo is just fine with me. Be amazed.

Practical Advice For My Son #1 ~ How To Iron A Shirt

Do the collar first. This is important because if you try to scootch the shirt around after you have done other parts of it in order to do the collar you will wrinkle it back up. So do the collar and the band. Then do the yoke. Put each shoulder over the skinny end of the ironing board, one at a time, and iron those flat. You can get the top part of the fronts this way too. Then do the sleeves. You have to lay each one flat with the seams lined up and try not to press to many wrinkles in down by the cuff where the shirt gathers. Use the tiip of the iron there and go delicately. Then put one side of the front on the board with the skinny end of the board up into the shoulder. Iron one side then the other. Then go around and iron the back. Voila you are done. So you see, it is very hard to describe how to iron a shirt. It is easier to iron the shirt. Keep your iron filled with water to line and if it is a cotton shirt, iron it hot with steam. Polyester will melt if you iron it too hot (good to know for pants which may be part synthetic and many shirts are a blend which need a slightly lower heat). Heavy cotton can be sprayed with water to ease the wrinkles but don’t soak it or it will scorch if the iron is hot. Didn’t know there was so much to it, did you! Like everything else in life, ironing a shirt takes practice.